Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Detroit Harbor, Washington Island (Door County)

Tuesday, September 1

The weather looked like another fine day, so we were up and out of the Manistique Marina early, (7:30) and headed south. Although the wind was light and forecasted to remain fairly light there were significant left over swells from yesterdays winds.

We punched into them for the first couple of hours but they settled down as the morning went by. They produced more motion then we like but it was nowhere as bad as yesterday. By late morning it had become a beautiful day on the water.

Our destination today was Washington Island which is a short ferry ride north of the north end of Door County, Wisconsin. By mid-afternoon, (we gained an hour on a time zone) we were pulling into the Marina here in Detroit Harbor. The Island is a tourist destination, hopefully tomorrow we can do some sight seeing.

It was a good day of boating but not a lot to write about.

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Judith Kim said...

Sorry you had to end your voyage early, but it sounds as if you two are good at rolling with the punches (or the swells, as the case may be) of life. It was fun to see your fabulous photos and even to find photos of Isaac Island. I'm sure we will see you again on some body of water or other! Judy