Saturday, September 5, 2009

Green Bay

Saturday, September 5

Just a quick update, Thursday we had a nice day and travelled from Washington Island to Menominee. The skies were clear and the winds light. In the afternoon we walked from the marina to a nice sand beach just outside the breakwater.

Yesterday was another good weather day, glassy flat water to finish our summer. We got to Green Bay about 1:30. Arrangements are all set for the work to be done on the boat and it will be hauled out on Tuesday as soon as we leave, to go into heated winter storage.

I have a flight out this morning to get the van and expect to be back in Green Bay tomorrow afternoon. We will clean and pack up on Monday and drive Home on Tuesday.

I think Diana has some pictures, I will add them to this post later.


cw said...

Di and george;
I thumbed thru your pics of Mac/"Big Mac"inaw, etc... a far cry from my earlier memories of area...and sounds like you had fun before deciding to cut the trip short..
Pics are great (from "artista" point-of-view,no doubt!);more later
chan donahower
ps: George - Below my e-mail for forwarding copy of WBL "Level Augmentation" proposal, as discussed last week - chan

cw said...

I'll also send this blog post to your account