Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Headed for Home

Wednesday, September 02

After talking it over and checking on options last night and this morning, we have decided to end our journey this year early. Instead of continuing on to St Charles, MO to put the boat in winter storage there we are headed for Green Bay and have made arrangement to store the boat there this winter.

Tomorrow we will go from Washington Island to Menominee MI; then on Friday we will go on to Green Bay. Over the weekend I will fly to St Louis and retrieve the van we left in St Charles. I will drive back to Green Bay where we will pack up our gear and on Tuesday turn the boat over to Harborside Yacht Center for them to store the boat for the winter .

There were several reasons for the decision, a few of which include, both of us having had plenty of time on the water, the ongoing problem with the fish barrier on the Illinois River, two less than pleasant days on Lake Michigan with the prospect of about seven more.

If you are interested in the problems the fish barrier has caused on the boating public check this web page. The short story is you have to get off your boat and have a commercial towing company tow it a half mile through the fish barrier.

We will decide this winter what we will do next year. The current options are to re-launch the boat and continue the trip including up the Mississippi to St Paul (about 1200 miles of water) or to have it trucked to St Paul (about 275 miles). There may also be other options to consider.

With all that arranged, it was a beautiful day here on Washington Island. It was clear skies and light winds with a temperature in the low 70s. We went for a walk and saw some a pretty rural area. The marina has a restaurant and we had dinner there, it was excellent.

I don’t know when I will have both internet access and time for another entry. It may not be until we are home sometime next week.

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Anonymous said...

Funny you should mention Green Bay. Their football team is playing the TN Titans just across the river tonight. Sorry to hear you're putting in early but glad you had a safe season. We highly recommend cruising the TN & Cumberland Rivers with Fred Meyers as your guide - beautiful scenery & lots to do. Take care.
Maryann of the 4 McGees/Dream Manor